These are the steps to make the correct price zones surface in the CTG Subs Path:

  1. Go to the Facility Manager in Tessitura
  2. Go to the Facility you want, and the section you want.
  3. Look at them through the Map Painter Tab.
  4. Click the Price Zone Tab and view the seating from there.
  5. Tick the Price Zone Legend Box.
  6. It is here you will see a drop down on the different Price Zones Map. Choose the correct Prize Zone Map you want to edit.
  7. Make the edits on the Map
  8. SAVE the edits you made.
  9. Run the Facility Manager Update Utility Report FOR THE SEASON YOU WANT TO AFFECT.
  10. It is important to know that this procedure only works on SEASON basis.  You cannot do individual productions.  You must do an entire season.