Here is a video firstly indicting how to upload images within SilverStripe and how to view those in your media collection. It then continues to show you how to embed those into pages of your choice.

Uploading ...ges.mp4

Uploading an Image

  • Firstly click on the Media tab which is located at the top of the screen.

  • You will then be presented with a list of possible media on the left hand side, click which one is applicable to you.

  • Then click the button at the top of the list 'Add Media'

  • A box will then appear allowing you to upload a file and name and categorise it at your choice.

  • Once this is complete, you click the button at the bottom of the box 'Add Media'.

Embedding Media

  • Once a picture has been uploaded you click on the Pages tab at the top part of the screen to see a selection of your pages.

  • You then select a page from the list on the left hand side.

  • After selecting a page, you click the tab 'Media' (shown in the video) and then the relevant button (this example being Main Image < Select)

  • You then select the image of your choice to upload to your page

  • To upload the image, you click it, and then click the paperclip icon that appears on the top right hand corner of the image, then select Insert

  • When you are satisfied with your media upload and embedding, you then press the Save button in the bottom right corner.