To link your social media into your website, the following video will show you how to integrate both Facebook/Twitter links into your webpage.  

Video: Setting up...RLs.mp4

  • First, load SilverStripe, then click on the 'Pages' tab at the top.

  • A sign for the whole website, or the 'global' site will show in the bar on the left. It is easily identified as it has a world icon next to the name of your site. Can see this on the video.

  • You then click on the tab for the global site, and again you will be shown some tabs then will allow you to manipulate the page. Click on the tab 'Social Media'.

  • In the boxes, Twitter URL and Facebook URL, you copy and paste the links to your social media sites. 

  • Once this is complete you click the button 'Save' and then 'Save and Publish'

Note: It is useful that after this step you go back to the Home page using the bar on the left, and then re-save this also. This is because if your links are appearing on the home screen, they may not show unless you Save and Publish both the Global page (the original place in which you entered the social media URL's) and the Home page.