A guide on how to set your host file for your website on both Chrome and Internet Explorer.


  • Firstly open a terminal in iTerm

  • Type in the terminal: sudo vim /etc/hosts

  • Press Enter

  • Type in your password that you used to log onto your device

  • Press Enter 

  • Press i

  • Enter the server you manually want to point to followed by the URL. My example record was:

  • (In the video this was already typed in as I have previously used this information, it will need to be manually typed).

  • Press esc when done typing

  • Type - :wq!

  • Press Enter

  • Type: ' dscacheutil -flushcache ' (without inverted commas)

  • Press Enter

  • Now when you go to that URL in any browser, you'll be directed to your specific server.

Internet Explorer: 

  • Click the Windows icon in the bottom left corner of your screen

  • In the search box, type run 

  • 'Run' should be the first result, click on that

  • The box which pops up should look like the 'run' image I've attached

  • Type in:

  • notepad c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts 

  • Click ok

  •  This will open a notepad file with some text already entered

  • At the bottom of the file, add:

Your websites IP address, your website address

Example : tickets.sagegateshead.com

  •  Save the file

  • Close the file