This video shows the steps of how to firstly create a person within the security base, and then how to select/place those into security groups. 

Creating p...ity.mp4

How to create people

  • When on StripeStripe, click the tab 'Security'. This will then bring up a list of names then have been assigned/created on the website. 

  • You then click the 'Add Member' button located in the bottom right hand corner.

  • This will then display a box that allows you to enter the personal details of a new member. 

  • When complete click the button 'Save'.

How to assign people to Security groups

This step can be made when creating a member and also when just editing an existing member, the video shows both examples.

  • If you want to assign a security group to a new member that you have just created, in the 'Personal Details' box, you click the tab 'Groups' and use the drop down box to assign that new member to a group, remembering to click 'Save'.

  • To add an existing member to a security group, you locate the member within the list of names on SilverStripe, and then press the button 'Edit' to the right of the person's name (located with a pencil and notepad icon).

  • Again this presents you with a drop down box to assign members to a security group. (Remember to continually Save and then click Close)

If you want to create a new Security Group, the option is displayed on the left hand side of the page, by clicking the 'Create' button.