This is a short guide into how to create and publish pages of various types in SilverStripe.

  • Firstly, log onto SilverStripe, and make sure you are on the tab 'Pages'. 

  • Then go to 'Page Tree' < 'Create' 

  • Once clicking 'Create', you will be presented with a drop down bar which shows you the different types of pages you can create. (Examples shown in the video are production pages, and news pages).

  • When creating a page, you will be presented with different tabs that allow you to differ with different elements of the page, such as, Name/Description/Images etc.

  • Remember to first click 'Save' and then 'Save and Publish' to publish the completed page to your site. 

Content will obviously differ from page to page, but to initially create different types of pages just requires selecting the page type from the drop down bar when creating. 

Production page - Creating p...age.mp4

News page - Creating news page.mp410:52 by Heather Woodhouse • 14.7 MBNew version