These short videos show you how to clear your browser cache and vary depending on the host sites.


Chrome cache.mp4

  • When on a Chrome Browser, you select the button at the top of the screen 'Chrome < Clear Browsing Data' 

  • You then tick the box 'Cached images and files' and select the timeframe in the drop down box at the top to allow you to negotiate a period of time in which your browser will clear from.

  • When chosen, click the button 'Clear Browsing Data' which will amend your changes and clear the data you have chosen.


Safari cache.mp4

  • When on a Safari Browser, you select the button at the top (on the menu bar) of the screen 'Safari < Preferences' 

  • You then click the button 'Advanced' and tick the box 'Show Develop menu in menu bar'

(If the Develop menu is already located on your menu bar, these first two steps do not need to be taken).

  • You then go back to the top of your screen, click 'Develop < Empty Caches' 

  • Your caches should all be clear and gone from the Safari Browser.


Firefox cache.mp49:56 by Heather Woodhouse • 7.4 MBNew version

  • When on a Firefox Browser, you select the button at the top (on the menu bar) of the screen 'History < Clear Recent History' 

  • You are then presented with a box that allows you to select a 'time space to clear' in a drop down box.

  • You then tick the boxes which you would like to clear and are applicable to you, in this case we want to click the box 'Cache'.

  • To finish, click the button 'Clear now'.