This guide will show you how to check if a performance is bookable on Tessitura.

  • Firstly, log into the Tessitura API

  • Go to GetNewSessionKey, and click the button Invoke

  • This will then open up a new tab on your browser with a session key, highlighted in the video

  • Copy the session key

  • Paste the session key into the section labelled 'eSessionkey

  • In the section named sUID, type in your username for the website you are looking into.

  • The section sPwd requires your password for the website. 

  • The iLoginType is 1

  • Press Invoke once you have filled in these details 

  • A new tab will then appear, the word 'true' should appear somewhere in the codes. Once you see this, you can exit that browser.

  • Go back to Tessitura, and go to GetPerformanceDetailWithDiscountingEx.

  • You again paste the session key into the box labelled SessionKey

  • Type 10 in the iModeOfSale box

  • In the box iPerf_no you type the performance number in which you are looking for details about 

  • Then press Invoke

Details will then appear again in a separate tab on your browser. Within the text, the words Price, PriceType, AllPrice should appear or be located near the left hand side of the text. You should also see the letter appearing near or next to transactions, usually highlighted in black. You will also see a sign such as '<avail_count>63</avail_count>' with the number in the middle indicating the number of tickets left from that performance at the time just after purchase. All of these factors mean that the performance is bookable or has been booked. 

If none of these details are appearing, this means there is a fault and the performance is not bookable in Tessitura.

The video link attached will show the process of this, with both the bookable performance text and non-bookable performance text also being shown. The bookable performance text will show first, and the video highlights the important words to look out for within the text.

Video Link: Bookable p...ura.mp4