Instructions on how to create a Google+ Project to allow Social Media Login

Easy Way (Give Made Media Edit Permissions):

 * Login to sites Google+ Account

 * Goto ``

 * Click "Create Project"

 * Give the Project a name

 * Agree to the terms & conditions then click Create

 * Wait until the Project is created (This can take a few seconds)

 * Click "Permissions" on the left

 * Click "Add Member"

 * Add "" with "Edit" permissions

 * Let Made Media know that you have done this and we can continue the setup

# Adding Credentials (Google+ Credentials Settings.mp4)

 * Under "APIs & auth" select "Credentials"

 * Click "Create new Client ID"

 * Make sure "Web Application" is selected

 * Add the Root URL's for the "Authorized JavaScript origins", you can add multiple lines here (local, devspace, live)

 * Clear the "Authorized redirect URIs" box

 * Click "Create Client ID"

 * Click "Create new Key"

 * Select "Server key"

 * We're not restricting to IP's so just leave blank and click "Create"

From this screen you need to copy:

 * From the first section (OAuth):

   * Client ID

   * Client secret

 * From the second section (Public API access):

   * API key

Video also attached.